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Know All about Fake court cases of Parsvnath Developers

Parsvnath is one of the leading real estate developers.  It is not just a word of fame; actually, Parsvnath was the ruling monopoly in real estate business.  When Parsvnath was in the limelight, there came a doom even the former wasn’t aware of it.  The whole reputation they earned so far has been pushed down with lined up rumors and complaints.

Success of Parsvnath Developers and fake allegations

The history of Parsvnath Developers case says that they were reigning in real estate firm across the country with all the major projects in their hands.  They were well known for their successful completion of the tasks assigned to them.  Hypermarkets, Malls, Offices and residential areas are their expertise. Soon after their high ride, the competitors started to project them as a hoax.  The allegations made by fake customer profiles and media made a huge bang to the reputation Parsvnath earned in all these years.  They claimed that the quality of the construction was poor and signing off was delayed for many clients.

Fake Court Case on Parsvnath Developers

Amidst the research on the accusations laid on them, there came another twist of bad debts which the company has promised to pay back customers for the case filed.  The Supreme Court had ordered to refund the amount they got from their clients (Nearly 400 crores!).  Now, the company has assured to deliver the constructed flats within the agreed time span.  

To look on the grievance side, Legal advisors of Parsvnath Developers have found there were many fake charges.  It is because of the jealous, the rival companies had on the rising goodwill of the Parsvnath.  

Parsvnath Developers trusted customer

Even after the incident, an existing customer Lalit Verma had given the following statement  I was checking my Facebook one night as it had been quite a while that I haven’t checked my news feeds.  I noticed on the web, what seem to be trending.  I ignored it for some time but when similar quotes kept popping again and again, I had to pay attention.  As the comments were calling it, those Parsvnath court case were a bit of a fraud itself didn’t have a property background or were related to the company”.

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